Two Breast Models (Abnormal)

Two Breast Models (Abnormal)

NPGS230.44 Replacement Two Breasts Abnormal NPGS230.44 Replacement Two Breasts Abnormal

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This Model Simulator received top marks at a recent global health meeting. Healthcare professionals were elated with its realism, durability, materials and texture. Developed to assist Women and Health Professionals in teaching the processes and skills required to perform both: Self-examinations and Clinical Identification of pathologic Conditions. It is not possible to determine the exact nature of any tumor strictly by touch. Although many Breast Lumps are not cancerous, any Lump should be examined by a Health Professional. With Early detection - through Breast Self - Examination, clinical exams by a healthcare professional, mammography - the chances of surviving breast cancer increase dramatically. All women should perform monthly breast self- exam. Women after 40 and older should have a clinical breast exam every year.

  • Teaching self examination is made easy and realistic since this model simulator may be used in either the vertical or reclining position.
  • Each Breast may be detached from the simulator
  • One breast has nine Lumps from 3mm. to 25mm. in diameter.
  • Abnormal Breast includes two lumps beneath the arm. Three lumps may be palpated easily. Six are extremely subtle.
  • Teach the Spiral or Grid pattern to improve detection techniques.
  • Using this model aids in the prevention of disease, reporting of any unusual findings to a health professional and promotes a healthy quality life.
  • Accessories
  • Carrying Bag ---- Included
  • Instruction Manual with Lumps Location Map