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Dental Brushing Teeth Gums Model With Brush Deluxe

N-TH01 Dental Teeth Gums Brushing Model N-TH01 Dental Teeth Gums Brushing Model

Buyamag INC


Dental brushing teeth gums model. Hygiene oral training model 2.5 X enlarged, articulated and can be used to demonstrate the correct way to brush your teeth and gums.

Held together with bendable wire spring, allows for easy movement. Includes a Giant size, soft Nylon Bristle Toothbrush. Prepared by American Dental Association. Excellent Model, used by Dentists and schools for medicinal and dental teaching programs. Also used for legal presentations.


  • Giant Size Toothbrush 14.1/2" long
  • 3 Brochures on Tooth Care
  • Size: 6" From Molar To Molar