Dental Implant Bridge Crowns model

Dental Implant 3 Unit Bridge 3 Crowns Set of 6 Parts Model

Dental Implants Bridge Combo

NPRP9TRM592 Dental Implant bridge Crowns model NPRP9TRM592 Dental Implant bridge Crowns model

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Dental bridge implant model. Oversized Implant bridge Model Set. Demonstrating: the use of a 3-unit Bridge versus a single-tooth Implant to fill an edentulous area. The Implant can be seen. This model comes with: Two Crowns, a 3-unit Bridge, a Healing Abutment, Implant Abutment

Excellent in Dental offices for Dentist - Patient's communication, demonstrations, legal presentations. Used in dental and medical schools for educational programs, demonstrations, and student study. Dental Implant Model, made specifically for Dental Schools Programs to teach Students understand Dental Implants procedure, pathologies & techniques to repair, Implants Training, Experience.

Implant Training Model for practicing students in Dental Schools and Colleges. Enlarged 3 times x Life-Size