dental cosmetic inlay restoration model

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Dental Cosmetic Implant Model

NPRTRM348 Dental Cosmetic Restoration Model NPRTRM348 Dental Cosmetic Restoration Model

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Dental cosmetic restoration combo model - All-in-one inclusive combo model demonstrating: porcelain inlay (#2), gold crown (#3), PFM crown (#4), 3-unit anterior bridge with post/core (#6 - #8), removable veneer (#9), implant with removable abutment and porcelain crown (#10), targas style bridge (#11 - #13), porcelain crown (#14) and porcelain onlay (#15).

Excellent model for Students, office patients education in office demonstration models. Dental Implant Model, made specifically for Dental Schools Programs, to teach Students and understand Dental Implants Bridge procedure. Implants Training, Experience.