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Dental Skull Model Neurology Sinus 14 Sections

Skull NPDSK14 Dental Sinus Neurology Deluxe Skull NPDSK14 Dental Sinus Neurology Deluxe

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This dental educational skull model demonstrate 6 Opening Folders-Flaps, and 14 Parts to reveal inside the Skull. This Life-Size Human Skull Model is highly detailed, a specially selected and designed Natural Skull was employed as the pattern from which this highly detailed specimen was cast. Distinctive features include: • Horizontally sectioned calvaria which detaches, exposing the cranial cavity in which the network of meningeal blood vessels, venous sinuses and internal carotid have been traced in contrasting colors. On the Left Half: the Temporal Bone can be removed and folded up in the area of the Tympanic Membrane. Maxilla and Mandible are opened to reveal the Alveolar Nerves.

On the right Half: the Temporal Bone is opened to reveal the Sigmoid Sinus, the Facial Nerve Canal and the Semicircular Ducts. Additional flaps are located at the Maxillary Sinus and the right half of the Mandible, so that the Dental Roots of the Premolars and Molars of the lower Jaw can also be viewed• A sagittal section through the base of the Skull reveals the Intricacies of the Nasal Passages. • The Frontal Sinus is exposed through a resection of the Frontal Bone on one side and by means of a hinged Bony Flap on the other. • The Temporal on one side of the Bone Detaches and divides in two exposing the Semicircular Canals and Inner Ear. • A hinged bony flap through the Ethmoid plate and Vomer on one side opens to reveal the Chamber of the Sphenoid Sinus. • Both the Mandible and Maxilla of one side have been Sectioned Open to bare the Alveolar Blood Vessels and Nerves which supply the Roots of the Teeth. • The detachable Mandible has a Hinged Bony on one side which opens to expose the Roots of the Teeth. • The Teeth are individually Extractable and Reinsertable, this feature also make this skull especially interesting for Dentists.

This Dental Skull is Irreplaceable tool in study Human Skull anatomy and development. Used in Dental Schools, Medical schools educational programs by teachers and students, helps easy understand human anatomy and pathology. Used in doctors offices, research labs, medical schools, legal presentations.

Size: 12" x 10" x 8"

Weight: 1 kg