tmj skull model

Temporomandibular Disorder TMJ Skull Model

NPABA300 TMJ Temporomandibular Disorder Skull Model NPABA300 TMJ Temporomandibular Disorder Skull Model

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TMJ skull model demonstrate temporomandibular dysfunction - disorders and other diseases. Skull and face musculature demonstrate causes of temporomandibular disorders and other dysfunctional disturbances of the TMJ and masticatory muscles.

The face and mastication muscles are illustrated on the right half of this skull and the face musculature can easily and precisely be differentiated from the mastication musculature by using two colors.

On the left half the muscle origins and insertions are marked with colors as well(origin: red, insertion: blue). The jaw is movable and due to the flexible musculature the rudimentary chewing motion can be demonstrated. Cranium and m. masseter are easily detachable.

Only highest quality material was used to manufacture this made in Germany model. Its durability make it perfect for hands-on teaching. Whether it is used in a classroom or a doctor‘s office, the demonstration is as realistic as a model can be.

Now with magnetic connections

Dimensions : 7.1 x 7.1 x 9.8 in

Weight: 2.5 Lb.