skull model

Skull Model Classic Dissected Mandible Painted Muscles 3 part Anatomical Model

Skull Classic Numbered NPBA22\1 Skull Classic Numbered NPBA22\1

Buyamag INC

Muscles :

Skull model 3-part anatomy model incorporates the following special enhancements: A dissection of the Mandible which exposes the roots of the Teeth, and the Nerves and Blood Vessels supplying them • color highlighted Skull sutures • and within the Cranial vault, the paths of significant Blood Vessels and Sinuses of the Meninges are traced in color and numbered. Some 104 internal and external number - coded features are identified in the accompanying key. This version also includes painted muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) on the right side. Complete with identification key.

This anatomical skull is great quality, articulated, and detailed. Popular Skull in medical and Dental schools for educational programs and anatomy study, used in doctors offices and legal presentations.


  • Movable Jaw
  • Cut Calvarium
  • Suture Lines
  • Dissectable in 3 Parts
  • Key Card 104 identified Structures
  • Size: 6" x 8.5" x 6"