enema catheterization simulator manikin

Enema & Catheterization, Female / Male Simulator

NPLFLG02099UG Enema & Catheterization, Female/Male Simulato NPLFLG02099UG Enema & Catheterization, Female/Male Simulato

Buyamag INC


Life-size Pelvis Simulator with Interchangeable Male/Female Genitalia, Lifelike designed for practicing Urologic and Rectal Access Gastrointestinal Care procedures. Design with Realistic Articulation and Materials, allows proper positioning for several procedures.


  • Interchangeable Female/Male Genitalia, with connectors and color reservoir,
  • Correct puncture of peripheral veins for blood sampling. The following veins can be punctured:
  • Administration of Rectal Suppositories and Ointments,
  • Enema Administration.
  • Genitalia with connectors and Urinary Reservoir
  • Facilitate Urologic Care Procedures
  • Perineal Care; Insertion of vaginal medication
  • Patient explanation of intermittent Self-Catheterization
  • Indwelling Catheter Insertion, care, irrigation, and removal
  • Urine Collection; continuous bladder irrigation
  • Surgical Belly Plate with Interchangeable Stoma sites allows simulation of Cystostomy Tube care and Urinary Diversion Stoma Care
  • Dorsogluteal, Ventrogluteal, and Vastus Lateralis IM Injection possible
  • Includes Male and Female Genitalia
  • Six Connectors, and carry case

Weight - 26 Lbs