Lumbar Puncture Injection Simulator

Lumbar Puncture Injection Simulator Spine Manikin Practice Skill Trainer

Lumbar Puncture Injection
NPGS411 Lumbar Puncture Injection NPGS411 Lumbar Puncture Injection

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Spinal Cord Self Healing Skin Insert Replacement
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Lumbar puncture injection simulator manikin skill trainer provides realistic tactile feedback combined with a fluid supply and pressure system, allowing the collection of CSF and measurement of opening pressure.

this phantom model trainer is Ideal for practicing injection of local anesthesia, aseptic technique, needle insertion between vertebrae, lumbar puncture, and epidural. Replaceable Spinal Cord insert with Self Healing Skin layer, subcutaneous layer, connective tissue, and lumbar vertebrae.

Helps Doctors, Practitioners, Students with Lumbar Procedures, Epidural, Puncture, Injection.... Helps in medical schools educational programs or patients demonstration in a doctors offices. Simulator sold complete and ready for training use. Replaceable parts optional available.

Anatomic features include: iliac crests, lumbar vertebrae L2 – L5, ligamentum flavum, epidural space, and dura. Needle insertion possible between vertebrae. Life-like Needle resistance material, including pops when needle traverses ligamentum flavum and dura.

Needle insertion possible between vertebrae. Replaceable Self-healing skin that allows 15 uses with an 18 gauge needle and 25 uses with a 22 gauge needle before replacement is necessary.

Simple to fill simulated CSF and set fluid pressure, thereby allowing students to collect CSF and measure CSF opening pressure.

Pressure system with simple push-button operation to increase or decrease pressure. LED displays pressure set-point ranging from low, medium to high pressure.

Practice procedure in the left lateral decubitus or sitting position. Trainer can be used to simulate aseptic technique and local anesthetic at puncture site.

Lumbar Puncture Spinal Injection Simulator Model Spine Epidural Simulator.

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