male pelvic model

Pelvic Section Male Model Deluxe

NPNJS6544 Pelv-Male NPNJS6544 Pelv-Male

Buyamag INC


Detailed life-size, Pelvic Male Model illustrates the internal and external reproductive organs with removable Genitals. Showing Prostate, Bladder, Penis, Seminal Vesicle, Spermatic Cord, Inguinal Canal, Testicle, and internal structure of the Pelvic cross-section. Popular model for study and medical programs in schools. Used by students to easily understand functions of Male Reproductive Organs, Urinary System, Pelvic Anatomy. Also used in Doctor's Offices, Medical Schools, Legal Presentations.


  • Finely painted
  • 26 numbered structures correspond with key card
  • made of durable fiberglass
  • Mounted on a board
  • 2 Removable Parts

Size: 13" x 14" x 5"