Skull Educational Model 22 Part Disarticulated

Skull Educational Model 22 Part Disarticulated

B-QS9 Skull Model 22 Part B-QS9 Skull Model 22 Part

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This Educational Life-Size Adult Human Skull is the Best for Large Auditorium Educational Purposes. "Exploded" Skull can be Tilted and Locked in place. 22 Part Disarticulated, Mounted Beauchene Stile; emphasizes position of Cranial Bones and their relationship to each other. Cast from the original Beauchene Skull, captures every details of its bone structure. Design mounted on a clear plastic base corresponding to the shape of the Skull. Each of the 16 Bones may be removed for individual study. A jointed stand attached to a base enables easy maneuvering. Key card included

Skull Includes:

  • Frontal, 2 Parietal, 2 Temporal, 2 Zigomatic
  • 2 Nasal, Occipital, 2 maxilla, 2 Lacrimal
  • 2 Nasal Concha, 2 Palatine, Vomer, Ethmoid
  • Sphenoid Bones, Mandible
  • Application

Used as a Educational Skull Model, in Medical Schools and Universities with educational programs, for students best understand and learn Human Skull Anatomy, Biology, Function and Pathology. Also used in doctors offices, laboratories, pharmaceuticals and with legal presentations

Size: 10" x 15" x 16".